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3D rendering, animation, and digital painting What I contributed to the featured artwork Photos of the San Francisco Bay Area Work experience and contact information

Battlefield: Hardline (All images copyright 2016 Electronic Arts)
Note: These are in-engine screenshots captured on PC with ultra quality settings and super sampling.

"Backwoods" (DLC)

"Break Pointe" (DLC)

"Double Cross" (DLC)

"Thin Ice" (DLC)

E3 showcase environment
Note: Area I was involved in is showcased in the below linked video from 1:36 - 6:00

Tomb Raider (2013)
(All images copyright 2013 Square-Enix)

I created the custom deferred light-driven "fire light" surface shader in conjunction with the rendering engineer and VFX artist. The fire lighting allows artists to simply place customized deferred lights in the world and instantly get scorching effects. This pipeline approach was a significant time saver for artists compared to other methods such as vertex blending.

The rendering engineer created a custom graphics buffer (G-Buffer) that samples the luminance value of a deferred light among several other things and stores them individually in the buffer's RGBA channels. My shader reads from these channels and performs several functions to achieve the scorching effects including linear interpolations, screen space UV distortion (for faking heat waves), and dissolve effects to watch the fire spread over time across the surface. The VFX artist strategically placed the lights in the world along with flame particles and explosions.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
(All images copyright 2010 Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Star Wars: TFU Ultimate Sith Edition (Hoth Environment)
(All images copyright 2009 Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
(All images copyright 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. and used under authorization)

Indiana Jones E3 2006 Prototype
(All images copyright 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

High Heat Baseball 2004

Experimental Shaders using displacements and irrational techniques

Digital Paintings, Sketches, and Lighting Roughs